Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

What style of music do you use in your worship setting?

North Fork Church uses a balanced approach to worship style. We value the hymns of our faith, along with the contemporary music that reaches out to many today. It is a joy to see people worship using any style or ability. We gather to lift high the mighty name of Jesus. We hope music helps you encounter Him in a profound way that encourages and challenges you.

How should I dress for a morning worship at North Fork?

I think in a day where more and more people have an aversion to worship, we must not place restrictions or burdens on people based on how they dress. Come in your comfortable casual or your Sunday best. People often say “Come as you are.” We agree, but also add “Come as you are so God may change your life!”

What about my children? What do you have for them during worship?

I believe the North Fork nursery is staffed by a loving variety of volunteers who love little ones and desire for you to have a positive worship experience free from worry. We also provide children’s church activities for kids up to the second grade using the Gospel Project Curriculum.

I am not perfect and have made some mistakes in my life. Is there a place for me at North Fork?

Toby Mac says in one of his songs, “We all make mistakes sometime. We all step across that line. We all need forgiveness.” Paul said “All have sinned and fall short of God’s glory!” North Fork is a place of grace, patience and restoration and all of us are in need of a frequent dose of that!

What kind of Baptist church are you?

North Fork is a Southern Baptist Church who contributes to the Cooperative Program and receives all the yearly offerings. We also work with the Franklin Baptist Association. We are a church that places a high value on women and how God can use them in a variety of God-honoring capacities. While many churches have been caught up in the wave of Calvinism that has swept across our denomination, we have worked to avoid anything that divides us and hinders His work.