Share Because We Care – Blessing the Next Generation

Share Because We Care

Blessing the Next Generation

Share Because We Care – Blessing the Next Generation

In the fall of 2014, Brother Jay led us to consider a new ministry in our church targeting caregivers of babies and young children. Through meetings and announcements many church members came together to make this new ministry a reality. We made blankets; donated cash and new baby hygiene products; collected, cleaned, and sorted slightly used and new clothing and baby furniture; and received gift cards and voted on money from our budget. These funds were used to buy lots of diapers, baby care products, mittens and a storage shelf (much like the one we use in the food pantry). The total values of items and money came to approximately $800.

During our annual Halloween Event at the church we advertised a time/date for all the parents to come freely “shop” for their children’s needs. After much preparation and set up by our volunteers, on a very cold Saturday morning, November 15th, NFBC opened its hearts and doors to 13 families who responded to the ministry’s invitation. What a blessing it was to visit with these families and guide them through our “store.” We sent them home with large tote bags filled with the sizes and items they can use for ongoing childcare.

We have available supplies left over to fill the storage shelf and much more, however, we will be asking for donations throughout the year as the needs arise. Thank you to Brother Jay for his leadership and to our congregation for their sacrifice and work, time and energy, and many, many smiles of encouragement along the way. What a praise to God. I for one, enjoyed working with everyone making blankets and watching this new ministry unfold before my very eyes.

Your friend in Christ,

Toni Lewis